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  • Installation & configuration
  • Data migration and curation
  • User training
  • Support & maintenance
  • Breeding expertise
  • Professional courses

Installation & configuration

An installation & configuration service plan is automatically included in the initial purchase order of BMS Pro. It is established on the basis of your institution's specific needs, including some or all of the following:

  • Server set-up 
  • Program and user configuration
  • Data quality assurance
  • Data migration
  • Ontology setup and updates
  • User training (users, system administrators, data managers)
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Data migration and curation

We can help you upload historical studies from Excel files into BMS Pro. This may entail importing germplasm and germplasm lists; defining  phenotypes and locations in the BMS ontology; identifying and merging duplicates; or creating user profiles for people represented in older dataset.

User training

Our team can provide some training to your staff on how to use BMS Pro optimally, based on their roles and responsibilities (breeders, technicians, system administrators and data managers). Some minimal training is usually included in the initial installation & configuration package, but the option for extra training time is always available!

Support & maintenance

The support and maintenance package is a recurrent annual fee that serves to secure in advance some support time with our team for maintenance and troubleshooting. These banked hours can also be applied to other services, such as a new round of data curation or user training. 

Breeding expertise

Our consultants can be hired for assistance on matters of agronomy, phenotyping, molecular breeding or the application of breeding methods. Contact us for more information.

Professional courses

Our professional development courses are designed for practicing breeders and other crop improvement scientists who wish to incorporate modern approaches to their breeding programs. The courses are customizable in terms of duration, content and mode of delivery. All the courses include foundational principles, but are primarily intended to impart readily applicable, hands-on skills:

  • Crop research data management
  • Experimental designs, statistics and data analysis
  • Markers and molecular crop breeding
  • Research station managers

The courses can be melded with BMS Pro training, such that the software is used to support the practical application of new professional skills..

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