A plan that fits your needs

Tailored licensing

BMS Pro comes with support for installation. You can choose to deploy it on your own server (LAN or cloud), or have us host it for you in our secure cloud environment. 

What's included

  • Crop information management 
  • Browse and query tools
  • Statistical analysis
  • Trial and nursery management
  • Seed inventory
  • Field maps and labels
  • Genotyping data management 

How much is it?

Conditions for licenses and services are scaled in function of the organization's size, location and vocation. Quotes will also vary in function of the level of service required for support, expertise and/or peripherals. We are firmly committed in supporting plant breeding digitalization everywhere. 

Where do we go from here?

We will gladly set up a virtual demonstration, or give you access to a trial cloud instance, so that you can see BMS Pro in action. After a brief exchange to evaluate your situation, we will send you a quote for a package that fits your needs. This quote will cover payment for any required services, and for the proprietary components of BMS Pro, which are owned by our commercial partner VSNi, subject to these Software License Agreement and
Software Service Agreement.

Community licensing

If you are from a public or academic institution in the developing world, contact us to see how you could get BMS Pro subsidized in part or in full, within the framework of donor-funded projects. The open source codes for core modules are also available in GitHub. For everyone else, your purchase of BMS Pro and services directly contributes to our mission as a non-profit initiative. All our revenues are reinvested in product development, and in supporting plant breeders in developing countries.